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Taking the Mystery out of Teeth Whitening

December 07, 2016 | Posted in Cosmetic Treatment | Be the first one to comment

One of the number one questions we get asked is "How can I make my teeth whiter?" Everyone is looking for that dazziling smile, yet many people are hesitant to start any type of whitening session. With many options available, it can be confusing. Want to know if whitening is right for you? Your Barrie Dentist and Hygienist can help you!


Are you a candidate for whitening?

Most people with healthy teeth can benefit from having their teeth professionally whitened. However not everyone is a great candidate for the treatment. Existing dental restorations like crowns, veneers, bridges and tooth coloured fillings will not whiten with treatment. We recommened whitening for at least 2 weeks prior to any type of restorative work. If you are pregnant or lactating or under the age of 16, you should not whiten. If you have generalized cold sensitivity or moderate gum recession, or have allergies to certain materials, whitening may not be best for you. Talk with your Barrie dentist and hygienist to discuss if whitening is right for you.

Types of Whitening Treatment:

When it comes to getting your pearly teeth extra white, check out these available options:

Professional In Office Whitening: 
Your dental hygienist applies a professional whitening solution to your teeth that is light activated. This effective and safe treatment can be completed during a lunch break and you can expect to see results for up to a year. Results vary but you can go up to 8 shades lighter! You will also have custom made whitening trays to do touch ups if necessary.

At Home Whitening:
This can be done in the comfort of your home with custom made trays and professional whitening gel from your Barrie Dentist and Hygienist. The trays are worn 1-2 times a day up to 45 minutes at at a time over a span of 2 weeks.

Alternatively there are also whitening kits available over the counter. Similar results to professional treatment can be achieved, however it may take longer to reach your desired shade, and is dependent on how consist you are with the treatment.

Whatever you decide, we are sure you will love the results and we can help you come to the right decision! Looking to add some extra sparkle? Call Ferguson Family Dental Care today, we would love to help you reach your perfect smile!


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