Athletic Mouthwear in Barrie, Ontario

Do you like playing sports in your free time? If so, it’s a good idea to protect your mouth from an injury by wearing protective mouth guard. A blow or strike to the mouth can easily break or chip a tooth or even fracture your jaw. Not only can this be extremely painful, it can be costly to treat. As a result, the best way to protect yourself from an oral injury is with Under Armour performance mouthwear.


Under Armour performance mouthwear is used by professional athletes and praised by coaches. It employs a unique bite tech technology to relax your TMJ joint (the joint connecting your jaw to the skull) and stop you from clenching your teeth. By taking pressure off your TMJ joint, your jaw and facial muscles stay more relaxed and you’re able to perform at a higher level.


Another big difference between our athletic mouthwear and store-bought ones is that ours are custom-fitted to your mouth. Many sports guards found in stores are bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Their material is also often cheap which means that they provide less protection for your mouth. In contrast, our custom-fitted mouthguards are made with the highest quality materials in a dental laboratory which means that they offer a superior fit and comfort.


Whether you play contact sports such as rugby, boxing or football, or non-contact sports such as gymnastics, rock climbing, or even tennis, our athletic mouthguards will protect your mouth and help you to take your performance up a notch. With no distractions, no risk of oral injury and assured comfort you will be ready to face anything!


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