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When doing any sort of physical activity, you should be taking the proper precautions to ensure your safety. However, there may be an additional piece of protective equipment that you want to use: athletic mouthwear. At Ferguson Family Dental, we can provide you with athletic mouthwear to assist with guarding your oral health.

A blow or strike to the mouth can risk breaking or chipping a tooth or damaging your jaw. As a result, our dentists in Barrie may recommend that you help protect yourself from an oral injury with athletic mouthwear such as Under Armour performance mouthwear. The additional protection from a mouthguard can also reduce strain to the TMJ joint (the joint connecting your jaw to the skull) and reduce the strain if you clenching your teeth. By taking pressure off your TMJ joint, your jaw and facial muscles stay more relaxed if you clench and you are less likely to bring unnecessary strain to the muscle.

A key difference between athletic mouthwear bought in store and those made by a dental professional such as our Barrie dentists is that they can be customized to your mouth. A sports guard may not fit properly if purchased in the wrong size and the associated discomfort may discourage patients from wearing them. In contrast, the materials used in customized mouthguards can be fitted to reduce unnecessary bulk.

When making any decision that can impact your oral health, it is best to consult with professionals to ensure that it will help your specific needs. You should discuss athletic mouthwear with a dental professional such as our dentists at Ferguson Family Dental. However, you may also want to discuss this with an authority in the activity, such as a coach or trainer.

Contact Ferguson Family Dental Care to learn about our athletic mouthwear options today. We welcome new and returning patients of all ages. You can also request your appointment online.

Last Updated On 2021-10-17