Dental Bridges in Barrie, Ontario

If you are missing a tooth you may find that you are having trouble with everyday activities like speaking or chewing. You may also notice that you have strain when biting or tension in your jaw. A missing tooth can severely affect the alignment of your teeth, the strength of your jaw and cause further problems like bacteria buildup and decay. In cases like these, dental bridges may be the ideal procedure to help make you bring your smile to full health and brilliance. We will carefully examine your case to determine if a dental bridge is right for you, using digital diagnostic tools to make sure we have a full picture.


Dental bridges are used to literally “bridge” gaps between teeth by filling them with strong, natural-looking artificial teeth. The artificial tooth is essentially a dental crown, one made in the shape and size of your missing tooth. This artificial tooth is placed onto a medically-pure titanium anchor, one that is implanted into the gap. This anchor will encourage further bone-growth and tissue regeneration during its healing period, giving you greater stability and bite. Should it be the case that your jaw does not have enough stability to support the anchor, we’ll make sure to find good alternatives.


Once the anchor is implanted and has healed, our Barrie dentist will make sure the replacement tooth fits in perfectly with its surrounding teeth, sometimes removing some of their surface, and ensuring the stability of the bridge. Your artificial tooth will be made of modern materials like porcelain which can be made to match the natural shade of your teeth.


Bridges are semi-permanent - they can only be removed by a dentist. They are comfortable and are proven to strengthen teeth. Contact Ferguson Family Dental in Barrie to book your appointment with Drs. Ferguson and Stauffert today!


Dental Bridges in Barrie, OntarioDental Bridges in Barrie, ON

Dental Bridges in BarrieDental Bridges Barrie, Ontario