Hygiene Services in Barrie, Ontario

Twice-daily brushings and regular flossing are essential to long-lasting smiles and good oral health, as well as avoiding those things that will stain your teeth or wear down their enamel. This, of course, includes sugary drinks, wine, coffee as well as smoking. Yet these alone will not be enough to maintain a lasting smile that is healthy and bright for life. Even with great daily routines and a careful diet, your teeth will face staining and wear over time, there is no avoiding it. You may also have issues that can be corrected at an early stage in development. For some people, fear of the dentists can also prevent them from addressing issues and maintaining regular visits.

This is why it is so important to have routine checkups. At Ferguson Family Dental, we offer our patients general and preventative care that can detect any issues like cracks, caries, gum disease or even oral cancers. Routine screenings, hygiene and preventative care are your best tools to protecting your teeth for life.

We offer general care for the whole family that includes regular oral examinations and cleanings with our gentle and experienced staff. Our preventative hygiene services include fluoride, professional breath control, and periodontal treatments (gum disease control) designed to prevent all of those issues that can develop despite the best of personal oral habits. We employ fluoride treatments to get results not achievable with store-bought oral paste and cleaners. Prevention and attentive care will help you avoid more costly and time consuming treatments should something go unnoticed long enough.

Besides comprehensive examinations and hygiene services, Ferguson Family Dental offers periodontal
therapy (gum disease treatment) , diet and nutrition counseling and tobacco cessation counseling to  keep you healthy. If it’s been awhile since your last cleaning, contact our dentist in Barrie to set up an appointment.

Hygiene Services in Barrie, OntarioHygiene Services in Barrie, ONHygiene Services in Barrie