Prevention Dentistry Barrie & Migraine Pain Prevention in Barrie

If you regularly suffer from migraine headaches and feel that the issue may be due to an oral issue, feel free to contact a dental professional for advice. At Ferguson Family Dental, our Barrie dentists are more than happy to discuss potential treatment with you.

Both a migraine headache and a common headache produce sensations of pain or tightness in the head. The cause may be through physical or psychological roots, but it manifests as a sensory disruption often felt in specific parts of the head. A migraine headache has some of the sensations associated with a common headache, but has some distinct differences.

A migraine differs from a typical headache through the severity of pain and the associated symptoms. Some patients who suffer from migraines may experience nausea or vomiting. However, you may also experience a heightened sensitivity to sensory inputs such as light, smell, or sounds. These sensations and pain may feel stronger during moments of physical exertion. However, nobody has the same experience. If you are concerned that you are experiencing a migraine, contact a medical professional such as your dentist in Barrie for more information.

Some people who experience a migraine report experiencing an additional effect called an “aura.” This symptom is where part of the vision experiences a distortion. Some patients describe the visual effect as if it were a wave of energy or electricity moving within part of their vision.

Grinding and clenching one’s teeth has been linked to producing migraines. As such, treatment that helps reduce the frequency of these symptoms may also have the additional effect of reducing the severity or frequency of migraines. However, each patient has a unique experience and results are never universal.

A stabilization splint is one remedy that a dental professional, such as your Barrie dentist, may recommend in the instance that you are experiencing migraines. These are small oral devices that you wear during the night to discourage you from grinding or clenching your teeth. When compared to conventional mouth guards, stabilization splints are smaller and less likely to trigger a patient’s gag reflex.

If you are considering treatment for migraines caused by oral health issues, do not hesitate to contact us at Ferguson Family Dental or request an appointment online. We are a family dentist in Barrie that will be more than happy to work with you or your children to resolve oral health issues you may be experiencing.

Last Updated On 2021-10-17