IV Sedation & Sedation Dentistry Barrie, Ontario

At Ferguson Family Dental, we offer various types of sedation dentistry in Barrie to assist with patients’ dental experience. You may have various reasons for wanting sedation. Whether it is for an anxiety or for reducing the pain felt during a procedure, Ferguson Family Dental is more than happy to help you out. The three main types of sedation we offer are nitrous oxide sedation, IV sedation, and oral conscious sedation.
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide may be better known by its other name, “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is administered via a facemask and is inhaled by the patient. Typically after a few minutes, the patient experiences a feeling of euphoria and reduced sensitivity to sensations such as pain. Once the facemask is removed, your Barrie dentist will encourage you to breathe normally, allowing air to help reduce the nitrous oxide in your system.
IV Sedation
At Ferguson Family Dental, we also offer IV Sedation in Barrie. IV sedation is an intravenous procedure that reduces the sensations felt during a dental visit. During this procedure you will typically still be conscious and able to respond to verbal instructions from the dentist. Once the procedure has completed, the effects will typically pass quicker than oral conscious sedation. However, it is still advised that you are monitored afterwards.
Oral Conscious Sedation
An oral sedative is typically taken approximately one hour prior to the procedure. It can typically take around one hour to take effect, but your Barrie dentist can monitor its progression once you are in the office. Some patients even fall asleep during their procedure. The sedative reduces the experience of sensory inputs such as pain. You will likely want to arrange a ride home after the procedure as an oral conscious sedative’s effects may linger more than the other procedures offered by us.
Please contact us today or request an appointment online if you are interested in discussing the options and effects of our sedation dentistry in Barrie. Ferguson Family Dental is located on Ferndale Dr.

Last Updated On 2020-01-22