Family Dentist Barrie - Cosmetic Dentist in Barrie

Our commitment to you, your family, your friends and colleagues…

At Ferguson Family Dental Care, our aim is to enhance the quality of our patient's lives by helping you achieve a state of optimal oral health that is personally appropriate for you.

Established in 2008, our family dentistry in Barrie are veterans of good dentistry, which doesn’t only mean perfect fillings or crowns, and cleaner teeth--that’s all part of it! Our renowned dentists will listen to you, understand your circumstances and needs, and educate you to feel empowered and involved in making decisions that are in your best oral health interests.

What makes us different?

Each member of our team is constantly taking continuing education courses so that we may serve you in the most comfortable, modern, and preventive way possible.

Our dentists in Barrie, Ontario take courses surrounding TMJ and TMDs, radiographs, orthodontic, surgical and more. We don’t want to stop learning because knowledge is key, and information evolves and changes.

When you are in need of treatment, we are committed to providing you with beautiful, long-lasting, comfortable dental care by making available to you the most effective solutions that modern dentistry has to offer: 

  • CTCB scan
  • Digital radiographs
  • CEREC crowns, also known as, same day crowns
  • Invisalign  

Why should you become part of our growing family? 

Although dentistry can be deemed as a daunting experience and a serious profession, our cosmetic dentists and staff in Barrie likes to have a good time. Our team likes to play games together and often there is some steep competition, but all in good fun!

Each patient's dental needs are unique to you. We provide comprehensive and comfortable care that is specific for you as an individual. We care about people first because we know that dentistry can impact your life, overall. If our practice sounds like the environment you want to be part of, please don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment!