Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Barrie - Cosmetic Dentist in Barrie

At Ferguson Family Dental, if you have moderate-to-severe issues that have developed with your gums and you require treatment, you may be recommended some non-surgical gum therapy. This can be provided as an alternative to surgical treatments in certain situations.

In its initial phases, gum disease can be painless due to its slow progression. It can be difficult to notice by yourself, but may be picked up by a dental professional such as your Barrie dentist at Ferguson Family Dental. Once we have completed a periodontal screening and examination, we may use more aggressive therapies which aim to reduce the amount of bacterial toxins and plaque which accumulate below the gumline. General cleaning and polishing are done above the gumline, so this expands the treatment.

The process of non surgical gum therapy may involve curettage and root planing, or treatment with localized administration of medication to the affected gums. Curettage is the process in which infected areas of the soft tissue surrounding the tooth is removed. This is designed to allow healthy tissues to heal and reduce the risk of them being exposed to the toxins. Root-planing involves the removal and smoothing of small portions of the root’s surface to ideally allow a clean and uninfected surface to be exposed to the healing soft tissue.

These two procedures are typically done together and may require the use of a local anaesthesia as provided through our sedation dentistry in Barrie. Gum disease has a gradual onset and treatment may be spread over time to raise the chances of having a desired outcome. On subsequent visits, your condition will likely be reassessed to determine a further course of action. You may require a specialist such as a periodontist if surgical assistance is needed. Please make yourself aware of available options and discuss them with an oral health professional.

Our team at Ferguson Family Dental will gladly work with you after your procedures to develop an oral hygiene routine for you to use at home. Oral health doesn’t stop at the dentist’s office, and it is important to maintain upkeep at home. For more information, please contact us today or request an appointment online. Our office is conveniently located near the corner of Ferndale and Ardagh.

Last Updated On 2021-09-16