Tooth Extraction in Barrie, Ontario

Teeth are sometimes damaged or decayed too far to be repaired with a restorative or cosmetic procedure above the gum line, like porcelain veneers, dental crowns or amalgam-free fillings. Even with good oral habits, damage or decay can happen through injury or a lack of early orthodontic treatments. At Ferguson Family Dental, we strive to do everything possible to assure your oral health while keeping in mind your needs and preferences. Should you be suffering from pain or notice advanced decay in a tooth, we can find the right solution, be it a tooth extraction and replacement or a root canal treatment.


While these can seem extreme, they can help you avoid greater pain, discomfort and serious health problems as the condition advances. Our Barrie staff will make sure you are comfortable and confident throughout your procedure. Using the proper type of sedation dentistry and the newest methods in dentistry, we can extract a tooth quickly and encourage good recovery.


Tooth extractions are often the first step in assuring a problem is halted, the gum tissue and bone are in good health and a replacement can be implanted safely. In order to replace a tooth beyond repair, we will extract it and make sure the area can support different types of replacements like partial and complete dentures or dental implants.


When extracting a tooth, we will make sure the gum tissue is able to heal properly and support further replacements. This is to avoid a buildup of bacteria, which will increase the chances of decay and conditions like gingivitis or periodontitis.


To get relief from pain and avoid future complications with a tooth that needs extraction, call us to book your appointment in Barrie today! at Ferguson Family Dental, we will help you keep your smile bright and healthy. Contact us by phone or email, we welcome new and returning patients!


Tooth Extraction in Barrie, OntarioTooth Extraction in Barrie, ON

Tooth Extraction in BarrieTooth Extraction Barrie, Ontario