Tooth-Colored Bonded Fillings in Barrie, Ontario

At Ferguson Family Dental in Barrie, we have a whole range of cosmetic and restorative options to offer our patients. When it comes to minor repairs like chips, wear and even repairs, we can offer amalgam-free bonded fillings in only one appointment. We use ultraviolet light to quickly bond your new filling to your tooth painlessly and achieving a very durable and natural finish. With a renewed chewing surface you will be able to once more speak and eat comfortably, avoiding issues like wear, decay or misalignment of teeth. We proudly offer our cosmetic, emergency and family services to the Barrie, Ontario community.


Gone are the days when tooth trauma and cavities could only be treated with unsightly metal fillings, as modern dentistry has taken great steps forward. Today, modern, tooth-colored bonded fillings made of durable resin can be bonded to your teeth for a much stronger, more natural-looking effect. Composite fillings are virtually undetectable and require only a single appointment to apply. The bonding agent that we use should last almost a lifetime, and should any repairs be needed they can be done quickly and efficiently.


Tooth-coloured bonded fillings eliminate the risk of mercury that older metal-composite fillings posed and can last longer when given the proper care. They will blend into your smile perfectly, so you will be able to smile confidently and eat comfortably. With our help, we can address any problem with your smile and make sure that the proper treatment is well understood. Your health, comfort and confidence are our first concern and we will do all we can to ensure it.


At Ferguson Family Dental in Barrie, we pride ourselves in offering the most modern approaches and materials, so that your oral health is one more reason to smile. Contact us or visit today to book your appointment!


Bonded Fillings in Barrie, OntarioBonded Fillings in Barrie, ON