Root Canal Therapy in Barrie, Ontario

Inside each tooth there is a chamber filled with soft tissue called dental pulp. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessel, and tissue. This pulp provides your tooth with the nutrients it needs to grow and develop from infancy. In it, the nerves extends down to the tooth’s root in the jaw, below the gum line.

This inner pulp can sometimes become infected because of decay or severe injury. If a tooth’s pulp becomes infected or injured and is left without any treatment the tooth will eventually die, causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. At this point it will require an extraction and implanted replacement. But when the pulp becomes infected and it is properly diagnosed and treated on time, this pain can be easily avoided. We can perform a root canal therapy to save the tooth since, once it has fully developed, it can survive without its inner pulp. With this procedure, the tooth will be as strong or stronger than before.

Root canal therapies are designed to save such damaged teeth by extracting the infected pulp and replacing it with modern and durable materials. The tooths’s inner chamber is emptied, thoroughly cleaned to prevent further buildup of bacteria and filled in. We will then cap it with a custom-made dental crown, sometimes referred to as a dental cap, which will essentially become the new surface of the tooth.

Because porcelain can be made to match the shade of your teeth, this surface will look natural and can last for a very long time with proper care. Root Canal therapy is an effective alternative to a tooth extraction and dental implant when a tooth’s roots are decayed. It will save you from extensive pain and discomfort. More importantly, you can avoid the need to extract the tooth all together and undergo more extensive treatments.

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Root Canal Therapy in Barrie, OntarioRoot Canal Therapy in Barrie, ON

Root Canal Therapy in Barrie