Teeth Whitening Barrie, Ontario

Many of us feel that our smiles are most striking when our teeth look especially white, but unfortunately, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and particularly tobacco can leave behind ugly stains. Even with great oral habits and a reasonable diet, these things are bound to happen and accumulate over the years. Keeping plaque and bacteria build up, as well as your enamel from stripping, takes dedication and discipline.

To help you restore your gleaming, bright white smile and to give you an added boost of confidence, we offer in office and take-home teeth whitening options, using active ingredients not commonly available from stores and pharmacies. You don’t have to let your smile hold you back in social and professional situations, with our help at Ferguson Family Dental, you can let your smile do the talking. We employ ingredients that produce better results than store-bought products, usually only available to certified professionals.

Fluoride-based teeth whitening treatments can yield results several shades whiter than other alternatives, which can only give you a noticeable difference of one or two shades. We offer our whitening treatments in our Barrie office, where we can quickly prepare and perform the treatment under careful supervision. Using custom made trays and our fluoride-based teeth whitening agents, we will be able to turn back the discolouring and decay of years. We can also provide you with take-home kits that are personalized to your specific needs. We will provide you with the whitening agent and thorough instructions on how to use your kit to make sure you can get the results you want.

Contact us today to find out more about teeth whitening in Barrie, Ontario, with Ferguson Family Dental. We will be happy to show you these options in detail and answer any questions to find which one is best for you.

Teeth Whitening BarrieTeeth Whitening Barrie, Ontario